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Digital Services (General)

  • Digital strategy & transformation

  • Digital Project Management

  • Online presence optimisation, SEO

  • E-commerce solutions, content marketing strategy,

  • Data analysis & insights

  • Digital advertising

  • Branding & identity, customer engagement

  • Personalisation strategies

  • Omnichannel marketing, CRM

  • Innovation Management

and more!

Camera Books

Web, Product & Design Services 

  • Website optimisation & developmet 

  • Website analytics

  • Website SEO

  • UX / UI / User research

  • Website content

  • Product design 

  • Logo design

And more!

Delivering Package


What do we do?

LIVA is a digital transformation partner that helps businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including marketing, project management, sales, and partnerships. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop bespoke solutions that deliver real results. We are committed to helping our clients transform their businesses, guiding them from mere survival to absolute success.

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Digital Services

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Creative Arrangment

Social Media & Creative Services

  • Creative copywriting

  • Content creation 

  • Social media management

  • Social media strategy

  • Influencer allocation and management

  • Creative writing

And more!

Innovative Business Consulting

  • Want to start your own business and need help getting started?

  • Encountering hurdles while trying to elevate your business?

  • Are you unsure about the tools you need for success?

  • Is your business seemingly stagnant without any signs of growth? Allow us to step in and assist.

Lawyer’s office

Other Services

  • Legal: We will help you draft legal agreements, privacy policies and more (Business related)

  • Sales and partnerships: we will help you with your sales and partnerships efforts 

  • Project management: We have dedicated professionals who will help you manage your teams and projects. 

Video and Photography

  • Filming, script writing, and storytelling

  • Editing

  • Content for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels

  • Professional photography for events and products

  • Voiceovers

Web Design


Venture Capital

Aesthetics & Cosmetology 


Real Estate

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