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Being Bodies - Valentino

Owner of Being Bodies

I worked for 4 months with Lisa on my business social account.
In the beginning, she made it up-to-date, giving structure to it and a coherent appearance, and then she developed a strategy to achieve our goal.
She has clarity on what to post, how regularly, and why.
She also supervised and challenged me to create new content in a more accessible way.
Highly recommended!


Damon Andre,
Manager at German Race-wars

La Boutique SF- Josie

Josie Lee,
Owner of Lash Boutique
San Francisco 

Liva assisted me in rebranding my business from Lash Boutique to La Boutique. They designed a new website, logo, and managed my social media accounts. She also provided video editing services and offered valuable consulting. Liva went above and beyond to assist with my business needs and is consistently available, even during off hours, and is quick to respond and resolve any issues that may arise.


DR OSH London

Farshid Osh
Owner of Dr Osh Cosmeceuticals

Social Media Content, Video Content and Edit, Voiceover, Project Management 


Damon Andre - German Racewars

Dr. Markus Bringmann, 

Liva is exceptional. The videos they produced were outstanding and truly creative. The process of working with them was effortless and seamless. They went above and beyond to ensure that we were completely satisfied with the final result.

Liva connected us with Cody B. Walker (Paul Walkers brother),played a crucial role in securing him for our 'German Racewars' event in Germany. She was dedicated to the task and worked tirelessly, even during late hours, until the booking was finalised. In addition to setting up meetings and providing translation services, Liva Marketing demonstrated reliability and efficiency in delivering a highly satisfactory outcome.

IG @damon_paul_official


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