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What is ABM aka Account-Based-Marketing?

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Account based marketing ABM

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a type of B2B marketing strategy that focuses on targeting specific accounts and personalised outreach to those accounts. In ABM, a company will identify key accounts that they want to target, and then tailor their marketing efforts specifically to those accounts. This can include personalised messaging, tailored content, and tailored advertising.

The goal of ABM is to create a more personalised and effective marketing experience for the target accounts. By tailoring the marketing efforts to specific accounts, companies can more effectively target their messaging and content, and create a more compelling and persuasive experience for their target audience.

ABM can be particularly effective for companies that sell complex or high-value products or services. Because the purchasing decision in B2B is often made by a group of people, it can be difficult for companies to effectively reach and engage all the key decision-makers. With ABM, companies can create personalised experiences for each decision-maker, and better tailor their messaging to the specific needs and concerns of each individual.

For example, a software company that sells enterprise-level solutions to large organisations may use ABM to target specific accounts in their target industries. Those could be CFOs, CTOs, Managers and other key decision-makers. They might create personalised marketing campaigns for each target account, including tailored messaging, and customised content, and create personalised landing pages for each target account, with tailored content and offers that are designed to appeal to the specific needs and concerns of that account.

Overall, ABM is a powerful and effective marketing strategy for B2B companies. By tailoring their marketing efforts to specific accounts, companies can create more personalised and engaging experiences for their target audience and ultimately drive more sales and revenue.


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