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🚀 What to do if you want to hire the best!

Updated: Mar 14

🚀 Embracing innovation means daring to believe in what others might dismiss.

Companies want to hire 'innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers,' but are they ready and prepared to distinguish those individuals from the crowd?

True innovation often begins as an idea or action that seems unconventional or even controversial. It's about pushing boundaries and charting new territories, even when faced with scepticism.

When you undertake a task, express an idea, or propose something new, it's natural for initial disbelief and rejection to arise. However, this scepticism is the essence of innovation. True innovation involves pursuing something that others may not believe in or comprehend. If your actions or ideas are universally accepted and understood, you might not be truly innovating.

Reflect on the stories of renowned inventors who were initially met with doubt and resistance.

They defied the norm, faced rejection, and worked tirelessly to turn their vision into reality.🌟

It's disheartening to witness talented individuals being discouraged due to the rejection of their groundbreaking ideas or non-typical ways of thinking. Remember, innovation thrives on rejection; it's a journey of persistence, resilience, and thinking differently from the crowd.

-The Wright Brothers were mocked for wanting to fly.

-Steve Jobs was ridiculed for his "crazy box" computer.

-Marie Curie was ostracized for her research on radioactivity.

The list goes on. Rejection isn't a dealbreaker; it's a badge of honour for those pushing boundaries.

In the realm of hiring, we all seek candidates who think outside the box. However, it's crucial to appreciate that true innovation might not be what you think you are looking for 🌐💡

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