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Digital Marketing is changing - again in 2024!

Updated: Mar 14

LIVA  Digital History of Marketing infographic

We need to RETHINK digital marketing.

The emergence of AI-generated content marks a transformative shift in how we approach marketing and sales, particularly within the B2C landscape.

First, let's take a look at the infographic to understand the history of marketing.

Keep going....

You made it.

Change of digital marketing and what does it mean?

In the digital realm, change unfolds at an unprecedented pace, owing to the ease of implementation, scalability, and adaptability inherent in digital platforms.

Reflecting on the rapid passage of time since the turn of the millennium—now 24 years past—it becomes evident that technology continues to revolutionize our methods of communication and engagement.

While the question of whether AI will eventually replace marketers and creatives remains open, current indications suggest a nuanced trajectory.

At the moment, AI lacks the depth of data and creative insight inherent in human decision-making.

However, as marketers increasingly use AI tools -Inputing ideas and data -  the potential for AI to assume more significant roles looms on the horizon. The more the Ai is fed with quality data, the smarter it will become. 

Considering the implications for consumers, a shifting landscape emerges. Marketers must adapt to new skill sets, potentially leading to an influx of impersonalized advertisements bombarding consumers. The distinction between content crafted by AI and that created by empathetic human understanding poses significant considerations for consumer engagement.

Moreover, the rise of AI influencers introduces a novel dimension to consumer interaction.

Ai model

"Aitana, 25, a pink-haired woman from Barcelona, receives weekly private messages from celebrities asking her out. But this model is not real. -"

These virtual personalities, devoid of human origin, challenge traditional notions of authenticity and influence.

In this evolving paradigm, the critical question arises: Will consumers discern between content crafted by human empathy and that generated by algorithms?

As AI continues to permeate our digital experiences, navigating the implications of this question becomes imperative for marketers and consumers alike.

One of the new ways of marketing is already being implemented: GEO - Generative Engine Optimization.

More to that in my next blog.


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