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2024 TikTok Trend Report: How to grow your brand on Tiktok.

TikTok 2024 trend report summary LIVA

Want to dominate TikTok in 2024? Be bolder than a trending dance, more real than a filter, and closer to your audience than ever before.

TikTok recently released its 2024 Trend Report, and I have summarized it for you below.


Key Takeaway: Get ready for a year of boldness and vulnerability on TikTok! The platform is shifting towards "Creative Bravery," where brands and creators push boundaries, embrace curiosity, and build trust with their audience.

Here's how you can thrive in this brave new world:

  • Spark curiosity: People come to TikTok for unexpected discoveries. Dive into their existing interests and surprise them with relevant, engaging content.

  • Be authentic: Ditch the polished perfection. Share your brand's quirks, values, and stories in a transparent way. Trust the "FYProcess" and let the community get to know the real you.

  • Collaborate with creators: Leverage the TikTok Creator Marketplace and tap into a diverse pool of talent. Let creators infuse your brand with their unique voices and perspectives.

  • Go beyond the sales pitch: Build trust with non-promotional content that entertains, educates, and inspires. Relatable stories lead to loyalty and, ultimately, sales.

  • Embrace new storytelling formats: Ditch the predictable scripts. Experiment with collaborative challenges, community-driven narratives, and unexpected humor.

  • Speak the language of TikTok: Use relevant trends, hashtags, and slang to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Show them you understand their world.

The Formula: Engage then explain. Have a good hook that gets the people's attention, then reward them for sticking around for explaining what the content is. But be authentic!

Six different formats that are working on TikTok now:

  1. Tutorials that share knowledge and teach people

  2. Story-time videos that make people want to know how things end

  3. Vlogs that give the audience a "day-in-a-life"

  4. Challenges where viewers get to see who wins

  5. Commentary/ reviews

  6. Lists like "top 5...." where people share either their top favourite products or other informative things.

Remember: Makuku's 500% sales increase from their #makukuindonesia.official campaign proves the power of organic engagement on TikTok. Be bold, be brave, and trust the community to reward your authenticity.

Bonus: Keep an eye on these key trends:

  • Serendipitous Scrolling: Hyper-specific interests and obsessions fuel discovery. Find unexpected ways to inspire your audience.

  • Entertainment without Borders: Celebrate cultural diversity and explore new perspectives through engaging content.

  • Stay Tru to the Delulu: Embrace shared fantasies and inspire imaginations beyond everyday reality.

  • Community-Fueled Storytelling: Don't tell, involve. Let your audience co-create your story through challenges and interactive formats.

  • Let's Talk, TikTok: Understand and adapt to the evolving language of the platform. Speak their language to build trust.

I hope this was useful.


Full report here

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